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Johan Sverdrup is on stream. That’s good news for our investors, for Norway—and for emissions.

Our record-breaking Johan Sverdrup field came on stream a month ago and is already producing 200,000 barrels per day. Now we’re creating value for our shareholders, benefitting all Norwegians and cutting emissions to only 4% of the world average. 

Six more North Sea oil fields to be connected to Johan Sverdrup’s power-from-shore  

Latest news

Some are calling for a halt to oil production. So why is Johan Sverdrup so important?

“Although people are criticising our industry, it’s still very important for Norway and the rest of the world,“ says geologist Thea Broch. “It’s important that the oil that is produced, is produced as cleanly as possible.“ And that’s why Johan Sverdrup matters.

A game-changer for Equinor’s offshore wind business

The world needs more offshore wind to meet global climate goals. Now we’re constructing the world’s largest offshore wind farm, Dogger Bank, which will produce renewable energy equivalent to powering 4.5 million British homes.

Current topics

  • Australia

    Equinor has been present in Australia since 2012, and currently holds two exploration permits off the coast of South Australia, and one in the North West Shelf off the coast of Western Australia.

  • The Bahamas

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, Equinor has mobilised resources as quickly as possible to clean up the oil spill at our terminal.

  • Hywind

    Find information about Hywind, Equinor's ambitions, other offshore wind projects, future projects and the market outlook for floating offshore wind.

Can artificial intelligence save real lives? Bjarte Johansen is working to find out.

Vital knowledge is stored in our databases, but if the right person doesn’t get it at the right time, accidents can happen. Bjarte Johansen is solving the problem — using artificial intelligence. 

Increased popularity with students

Photo from the Universum award

Equinor has been ranked the most attractive employer by technology students for the 23rd year in a row—also achieving high rankings with economics and IT students.

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